The Programmes the school offers are the de-facto choice for all international schools. Students who have undergone schooling through these programmes are highly valued at top universities around the world. The curriculum focuses on holistic and transdisciplinary learning ,inquiry and project-based learning. It develops skills, understandings and a strong grasp of knowledge as a tool to think, which are required in the modern world.The curriculum allows students to develop creative and critical thinking, a passion for inquiry and exploration and a love of lifelong learning. Beyond this, an international curriculum exposes students to diverse cultures and helps them to become internationally minded, compassionate global citizens.

The Primary Years Programme that the school offers is the world's most successful and widespread transdisciplinary curriculum framework, and is based on the principle that students learn best when they are encouraged to approach knowledge and understanding as holistic, connected and integrated. At the primary level, all the major disciplines are taught in a context and concept based approach. Subjects will include mathematics, english, foreign Languages, Hindi/Bengali, science, social sciences & humanities, design and technology, performing and visual arts and sports.

Our faculty helps your child in transitioning to the international curriculum. They ensure that your child has the time, support and personal attention to adapt to it. The international curriculum does not place emphasis on rote learning, which helps in making the transition.

At RPGIS, our educators come from various teaching backgrounds. They have been carefully selected after a thorough selection process. The interviews are designed to assess the candidates' experience, practical knowledge, character, and understanding of the school vision and policies. Staff comes mainly from other reputed international schools - local,national and international. Moreover, they undergo rigorous training programmes before they start taking classes. All educators have to continuously update their skills and knowledge by attending ongoing development programmes as well as relevant curriculum workshops.

The International curriculum is committed to making sure that students meet and exceeds local or national standards. It is based on the principle that humans share core commonalities across the globe. The international curriculum will have strong academic rigor, a keen practical sense, and be rooted in strong indian values.

There are tests and exams and many other forms of assessments. Academic progress may also be gauged through tasks, projects, conversations, observations, and other methods. These kinds of assessments will predominate in the early years and testing will dominate more in the later years.

All classes are conducted in English as the medium of instruction. Hindi & Bengali are offered as second languages. RPGIS additionally offers modern foreign languages such as French & Spanish.

We believe parents are our partners in the educational journey of their children. RPGIS will encourage regular communication between the school and parents to take place. There will be weekly updates and reports on the online parent portal, termly reports, review meetings, results of assessments and personal reflections. In addition, two face-to face parent teacher meetings will take place in one academic year.

The school will be using the latest digital platforms to maintain communication between the parents, teachers and administration.

As part of the curriculum, homework is an integral part of the learning process. It allows the teacher to assess the mastery of concepts learned in class and assist the child to apply the principles into practice. Students may be assigned projects, journals and investigative reports. However, we do not believe in burdening kids with excessive homework.

Teachers will observe students day-to-day performances, and if a student requires anything additional, support and help will be provided. It is the teacher's responsibility to help any student who is struggling to master a skill or concept. The reasons for this may be different in each case, and the teacher will be expected to find this out based upon talking, approaching the task in a different way, explaining the task through a different medium or providing additional support.

RPGIS provides tablets/Chromebooks for educational purposes only for students till Grade 4. Students from Grade 5 bring their own laptop based on the school requirement and specifications stated in the 'Bring Your Own Device' policy.

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