The Programmes the school will offer are the de-facto choice for all international schools. They are also the programmes of choice for many top universities. The curriculum will focus on holistic and transdisciplinary learning and inquiry and project-based learning. It will help develop skills, flexibility and knowledge which are required in the modern world, with a strong foundation of knowledge. The curriculum will allow students to develop creative and critical thinking, a passion for inquiry and exploration and a love of lifetime learning. Beyond this, an international curriculum exposes students to diverse cultures and helps them to become global citizens.

The primary programme that the school will offer is the world’s most successful and widespread transdisciplinary curriculum framework, and is based on the principle that students learn best when they are encouraged to approach knowledge and understanding as holistic, connected and integrated. At the primary level, all the major disciplines will be taught. Subjects will include mathematics, english, foreign Languages, Hindi/Bengali, science, social sciences & humanities, design and technology, performing and visual arts and sports.

Our faculty will help your child in transitioning to the international curriculum. They will ensure that your child has the time, support and personal attention to adapt to it. The international curriculum does not place emphasis on rote learning, which helps in making the transition.

The International curriculum is committed to making sure that students meet and exceed local or national standards. The international curriculum will have strong academic rigor, a keen practical sense, and be rooted in strong indian values.

There will be tests and exams but there will also be many other forms of assessments. Academic progress may also be gauged through tasks, projects, conversations, observations, and much else. These kinds of assessments will predominate in the early years and testing will dominate more in the later years.

All classes are conducted in English as the medium of instruction. Hindi & Bengali will be offered as second languages. RPGIS would additionally offer modern foreign languages such as French & Spanish.

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