RP Goenka International School is a progressive school, which aims to provide students with skills, knowledge, and understandings which are relevant in today's world, and teach them how to apply them effectively for problem-solving. The school offers an international curriculum coupled with state-of-the-art infrastructure. Students benefit from the highly experienced faculty in the tech-integrated campus, with small class sizes that facilitate personalized learning. The school believes in the concept of holistic learning, which extends beyond the classroom, to include co-curricular enrichment through the vast facilities available at the school.

At RPGIS, we:

  • develop critical thinking, rationality and a quest for knowledge in every student
  • create an environment that allows for calculated risk-taking, creative thinking, reflection, and research
  • promote teamwork a shared endeavour
  • emphasize that learning confers ethical responsibilities
  • encourage personal responsibility combined with active engagement and service to others
  • nurture diversity, international mindedness, and readiness to engage openly with different perspectives
  • embrace the opportunities provided by technology to enhance learning and build confidence

In a nutshell - we teach students how to think, not just what to think. To elaborate further, we believe in holistic education, which has two meanings for us. Firstly, it is about the development of the child as a whole, where the school becomes a place, not just for academic learning, but also for emotional, physical, and social growth. Secondly, it acknowledges that all learning, thinking and knowledge is interconnected in countless ways; and to further that, the role of the school is to create and enable an experiential and creative framework for its students to explore and make further connections.

Education is transdisciplinary, meaning that the traditional disciplines and subjects of knowledge such as Science, Languages, Mathematics and Humanities are brought together and integrated as a total learning experience. Teachers collaborate and design units that include related disciplines and explore concepts, themes and multiple perspectives. This leads to deeper and more critical understanding.

The core values of the school are: open-mindedness, compassion, honesty, self-discipline, perseverance, teamwork, respect, and diversity.

Yes, the school is co-ed.

Diversity is one of our core values at RPGIS. RPGIS ensures openness, celebrates diversity and creates a multicultural learning community. Our faculty and staff members represent diverse backgrounds, cultures and nationalities. We are very aware that multicultural awareness helps prepare students to thrive in an exponentially diverse world. We welcome students with diverse backgrounds, religions, nationalities and thought processes. Being one of the few international schools in the city, it will attract students from different backgrounds. The school will further promote diversity by engaging with different cultural groups, extensive community service and celebrating different cultures.

On average, each section has 20 students to allow for personalized learning. Small class sizes will ensure that every child gets the individual attention they need, and that the learning is catered to their specific needs.

On average, our teacher-student ratio will be 1:6.

The academic year starts from mid-July to end-May/early June. The next academic session will start in July 2024.

All faculty at RPGIS have been recruited after a rigorous process of selection through interviews, tasks, and reference checks. Only those with the appropriate qualifications, experience, and professional knowledge and skills are appointed. Our faculty comes from leading international schools - local, national and international.

RPGIS is a day-school and does not provide boarding facilities.

Yes, the school is a specially abled-friendly campus. We have ramps and lifts so that all parts of the school are accessible, as well as handicapped toilets on each floor.

Play is an important part of a child's development. The school has both indoor and outdoor play facilities. There is an outdoor rooftop field that consists of a swimming pool, practice pitches for cricket and an open green field which can be used to play sports such as mini-football. There is an indoor sports hall for badminton, basketball, volleyball, and table-tennis. There is also a squash court and a studio for yoga and mixed-martial arts. We also have a rock climbing wall.

The school has multiple smaller outdoor play areas at the ground level, including a sand pit, an outdoor play area for younger kids, a kitchen garden for students to learn how to grow their own vegetables, etc. The school also has a 100-metre running track. Moreover, as we launch higher grades, students will have access to additional sports facilities near our campus for specialized and competitive sports.

The school will provide school transport for students from Grade 6 onwards on select routes. This will be optional, and entirely the decision of the parent. Using the school bus is more eco-friendly as each bus replaces a large number of cars, and is therefore encouraged.. The school will have air-conditioned buses with appropriate safety measures, including GPS tracking, trained drivers and a female attendant in each bus.

For younger kids (Nursery to Senior KG), to adapt better to school life, we require children to get their meals from home. From Grade 1 onwards, the school will provide meals (snack and lunch) for students. Our focus is on serving a healthy, nutritious and balanced meal to our students. Food is prepared by Sodexo, an international food services and facility management company and monitored regularly by our in house Food & Beverage Manager. In addition, there is also a tuck-shop available for children.

Our food is prepared under strict hygienic conditions with our meticulous service norms and equipment. Below is an example of a sample menu of what the food for one week looks like.

For Nursery to Junior KG, the school day is from 8.30 AM to 12.35 PM

For Senior KG, the school day is from 8.30 AM to 1.00 PM

For Primary students, the school day starts approximately at 8.15 AM and ends at 3.00 PM.

Yes, at RPGIS we believe in having a uniform as it creates a sense of equality, discipline and uniformity amongst the student body. We have a school uniform & separate PE uniforms. The uniforms are comfortable and of contemporary design. It is different for girls and boys keeping in mind the seasons and weather.

RPGIS has an affiliation with woodlands multi-speciality hospital, where the school has a qualified doctor or nurse present on campus from 8am to 3pm. There is a fully equipped infirmary if there is ever any issue that arises.

Due to the rising pollution levels & respiratory diseases such as covid- the school has an inbuilt air purification system - to remove any pollution, bacteria and virus, keeping the air as safe for our children as we can.

RPGIS has the latest water filtration system that provides healthy water to refill ensuring the safety for each child consuming it.

We have a dance and drama room, music room, art, craft and pottery studio, makers space, innovators Lab, black box for advanced theatre performances and sensory walls for young children, informal activity spaces for creative exploratory play. We also have outdoor activity areas to stimulate curiosity and make play fun.

We are committed to safeguarding and maintaining the safety and well-being of our children. RPGIS has modern security and verification systems, coupled with CCTV cameras installed at different areas of the campus for added precaution.

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