Sports And Extra Curricular Activities

Extracurricular activities form an integral part of learning in the school. The extensive range of enrichment activities that the school provides encompasses all the important disciplines that are essential for growth, fulfilment, teamwork, and skills acquisition. We provide our students with engaging participative activities that will help broaden their horizon, discover their passions, develop an appreciation of teamwork, and support their holistic development to become well-rounded individuals. As they grow, students are encouraged to choose activities from across the various ranges so that a balance is always maintained between the different domains and between personal and team-oriented sessions.

As students explore extracurricular activities, the school encourages them to take sensible risks, to experiment and be adventurous whilst also understanding how to reflect on their progress, to learn from their mistakes and to work out strategies for improvement. Key skills and attributes such as leadership, entrepreneurship, digital innovation, health & wellbeing, attachment to strong-rooted values, risk-taking, and critical thinking will be the focus and outcome of the programme.

RPGIS creates partnerships with organizations and individuals who add value, act as role models and bring their key insights and expertise to help the students. Amongst others, these come from leading bodies in the sporting, cultural, business, academic and scientific domains in Kolkata, elsewhere in India and internationally.

Age appropriate activities are offered that hone students creative talents, activity based (sports) skills and foster engagement with the community at large. Some examples of these are given below:


Squash court, Table Tennis, Badminton and Basketball courts

Swimming pool

Indoor sports hall

Green field Mini-football ground, cricket pitch

Outdoor exercise zone, running track

Yoga and Martial arts studio

Rock climbing wall

Extra- Curricular Activities

Dance drama room

Music Room with individual Practice room

Black box

Art, Craft and Pottery Studio

Activity spaces and informal breakout spaces for creative exploratory play

Kitchen garden for toddlers to learn to grow their own vegetables

Glow Room

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